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How to put smileys from the repository in your emails?

You can easily add smileys to you emails using this repository. Simply browse the categories and find the smiley you d'like to send. Click on it, and its URL (internet location) will appear on the bottom of the page.
Put smileys in your emails - step 1

Select this URL and right-click to copy it.. In your email program (i.e. Outlook), look for the picture insertion command. (Insert menu -> Picture -> from file).

Insert a smiley in your email - Step 2

A dialog box appears. Click on the filename zone, and paste the URL you just copied.
Put a smiley in your email - Step 3

Click "insert", and you're done!
Insert smileys in your mails - Step 4

At first, you may not see the smiley's animation. This is normal, it will start moving when you will send the email. If you want more smileys in your message, simply repeat this operation.

Angels and Demons [137]
Animals [254]
Babies [25]
Battle [250]
Cats and Dogs [66]
Computer [31]
Confused [45]
Cool [15]
Disgusting [22]
Drinks [61]
Drooling [9]
Fantasy [41]
Firefox [31]
Flags [142]
Food [61]
Happy [147]
Holidays and Party [106]
Laughing [66]
Leisures and Sports [104]
Love [187]
MSN Emoticons [207]
Manga [74]
Music [127]
Nature [73]
Others [286]
Penguins [18]
Respect [57]
Sad [57]
Signs [103]
Sleepy [58]
Smoking [34]
Surprise [41]
TV and Movies [77]
Thinking [26]
Tongue [58]
Transports [48]
Unhappy [84]
Winks [16]
Zen [9]

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All smileys are assumed public domain. If you recognize a smiley you created and don't want it to be part of this repository, please inform us. - Contact: smileys[at] - Site under GPL License - Download the source code
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